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Previously I ran the SDRPlay RSP1 via the IF-out (delivered by the RFSpace IF-2000, 10,55 Mhz). But there are a couple of disadvantages (switching pre-amp, att, etc. affects also the SDR, so you have always adjust the gain on the sdr too).

Luckily for most of the Yaesu FT’s (and for some Icom’s) there is an easy solution: I use now RX-in/RX-out from the FT-2000 in combination with a simple splitter. So I can now listen on SDR and FT-2000 independently via main antenna.

The SDR is connected to the RX ANT OUT of the FT-2000.

On activated RX-Button, this output has the signal from the antenna during receive. In order to feed both the FT-2000 and the SDR with signal, I use a Diamond SS500 splitter. The RX ANT OUT signal is split in two. Half of the signal is fed to the RX ANT IN and half of the signal is fed to the SDR. This way both radios have an identical copy of the signal.
With the splitter the rx-signal is attenuated, but with a simple button-press (“RX”), i can disable this “loop”, and have the normal signal on the FT-2000 from main-antenna.
For the RSP1 I use the fantastic Software SDR Console V3 and Omnirig. Omnirig is connected to Yaesu’s CAT-Com-Port. So with this setup click & tune is very easy 🙂

RX/TX layout FT-2000 with SDRPlay and splitter

2 thoughts on “SDRplay RSP1 & FT-2000

  1. Hello Ernst,
    I’m using similar arrangement for my FT-2000 and SDR Airspy+, together with VSPE, OmniRig, SDRConsole and one of HAM logger (N1MM+ RCKLog, HRD, QARTest…). Without logger, SDRConsole is working fine, but as soon I include any of those loggers, there comes the problem. Frequency on SDRConsole begin jumping up and down from band to band, even on same strange band like around 110Hz! If I use FT-450 or IC-7300 in the same arrangement, all is working fine. Do you have any idea what could be wrong here?
    Best regards from Janez – S51J

    1. Hi Janez,
      I know that problem. This happens if you are connecting a real COM-Port into 2 or more virtual COM-Ports. It only works partly.
      My workaround:
      I created a pair of com-ports (15/16) and use the inbuilt cat-interface of SDRConsole (see options, controllers, CAT). Here I “connect” SDRConsole to com15. In my logger (LogHX3) I use com16 with protocal TS2000.
      On contests, I close LogHX3 and use N1MM, which is also connected to com16 (TS2000). Of course with this setup not all cat-functions are available for N1MM, but for me it works.
      So the “chain” is:
      FT2000 => PC Com5 => Omnirig FT2000.ini => SDRConsole Com15<->16 => LogHX3/N1MM

      73 de Ernst

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