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  1. Hi Ernst,
    Just have you now on RX… 5/9+20db
    very nice signal and audio..
    Very nice website you have here also…
    I especially like the rotational sun… very cool sir..
    Good luck, dx.
    73de MI0GTA / EI2IBB

  2. Hi Ernst,
    I am SWL in Swindon, England, just heard you talking to Kurt (9Z4FE) in Trinidad and Tobago, excellent audio, and I love your tribander antenna! I am taking my HAM Radio Foundation exam in 3 weeks time so hoping to get my call sign very soon (M7???). Perhaps I’ll try and hunt you down on 20m soon.
    By the way, we love Austria, have been skiing there every winter now for more than 20 years.
    Best wishes,

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