4 square array remote controller by OE3IDE

On the way to make my shack remote controllable, I came across the problem that the original controller has no connection to the pc. Although there are ready solutions to remote control a 4 square array , but I wanted a homebrew solution, at least as far as the software is concerned.

So I decided to write my own little control-software 🙂

I have implemented an interface to Omnirig and to TCI (Expert Electronics SunSDR). With TX (PTT) recognition from Omnrig or TCI I have implemented also a hotswitch-protection.

The software controls a KMTronic 8 relay board via RS232.

The software is tailored for me needs (ie. direction N/E/S/W instead of NE/SE/SW/NW). But if you are interested, please drop me an email or write a comment here in the post. Tell me which relay-device you are using (RS232, ethernet,…) and I will check, if I can implement it in the next release.

I have implemented the great circle map for my good friend Mac, VE9ZY. If I have some time, I will implement also a generic compass picture, so that the 4-square-Controller can be used qra-locator independent.

Feel free to download it. For testing please set the relay-board COM-Port to “DEMO-Port”. 4-square-controller is designed to run on Windows 10.

The software is 100% free of charge, no trialperiod or whatsoever.
If you like it, a donation will be much appreciated!

Thanks & 73

2 thoughts on “4 square array remote controller by OE3IDE

    1. Hi Johan,
      yes, would be possible. Unfortunatly I don’t have too much time atm. Will put it on my ToDo-List 🙂

      73 de Ernst

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