Deltaloop on top of the roof

Vortex Deltaloop Tribander

Vortex Tribander Deltaloop (20m / 15m / 10m)

2 el on 20m (7,42 dbi)
2 el on 15m (7,73 dbi)
3 el on 10m (8,09 dbi)

Boom: 5,8m
Weight: 52 kg

Front to Back Ratio: Better than 19db on all bands
Feed: 3 x 50 Ohm Coax via SO239 sockets
Matching: 3 x Vortex Gamma Match
Power rating: 3.5kw
Rotator: AlfaSpid RAK
Common-Mode chokes: 1 on each feedline, 1 in the shack
Antenna switching: 6×1 Remoteswitch with RemoteBox in the shack (by EA4TX)

One thought on “Vortex Deltaloop Tribander

  1. Tnx for qso 80meter
    I am interested in the antenna scheme you have on your roof if you have it to send to me by mail …
    Vertex antenna
    73 de 9A3DZL 🇭🇷

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