my station




Rig: Apache Labs Anan 7000 DLE MKII

Backup & UHF/VHF: Yaesu FT-991A

Mic: Beyerdynamic DT-297 (main) | Heil PR781

PA: LinearAmp Gemini HF-1k

SDR: Airspy HF+ discovery

Tuner: Palstar AT-Auto (Kessler)


Antenna-Switch: EA4TX 6-1 Remoteswitch with controller

40m 4-square: homebrew controller

Hercules DJ Compact Midi Controller  (for Thetis)


Thetis 2.8.11  >>>

LogHX  >>>

SDR Console V3  >>>

PST-Rotator  >>>

JTDX (LogHX integrated)

LP100 Virtual Control Panel

N1MM (for contest)

Gemini Amplifier Remote >>>

homebrew 4-sq remote >>>


3 thoughts on “my station

  1. Hi Ernst! Nice to work you for the first time on 20 meters today. You have a great looking station.
    I look forward to more contacts with you. Your software is very interesting. Thanks for the work
    you do to help your fellow hams. God Bless, Wendell N5WC

  2. Bonjour
    SWL belgium 50 km south Brussels
    Reception 57-59
    Recepteur AOR DV1
    Antenne Wellbrook Ala 1530 LN 2m hauteur


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