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After using an amplifier with manual tuning (Alpin 200) for a long time and also using a manual antenna tuner (Palstar AT2K), recording the required values (tune, load, inductance) and then find the correct piece of paper 😉 was too uncomfortable for me.
So I decided to write a small tool that displays the required values, frequency dependent.
For frequency detection, I have implemented the interface to OmniRig and an interface to TCI from Expert Electronics (SunSDR).
For TCI I have also implemented the “tune”-function of the ExpertSDR2 software. Just click the button, and your SunSDR2 starts tuning! Thanks Roman for the hint!

All values are stored in a CSV file (tuner.csv). This file is always in the directory from which the program was started. If the file does not exist, it is created automatically at program start.

Since version 1.03 the tool supports two devices per frequency!!

Installation notice:

If you use OmniRig, and OmniRig is running with administration-rights, you have to start TunerReminder also with administration-rights, otherwise you will not be able to connect to OmniRig.

Release Notes:


  • Initial Release


  • Added 2nd device / frequency

  • Complete redesign of the filter-engine

  • Small bug-fixes


  • added “always on top” setting for the main-window

  • added warning, if TunerReminder is using Omnirig and not running with admin privileges

  • added “bring to top-left corner” to tray-icon-menu (if application-window is outside screen boundaries)


  • corrected typo in main-window-title


  • added “always on top” for the entry-window

  • added a setting “use VFO-Freq instead of TXFreq”. In some cases getTXFrequency does not work. With this option the frequency will be read from VFO-A/VFO-B


  • complete redesign (now with VFO A and VFO B)

  • TX visualization (on both VFOs)

  • click on “SPLIT” activates/deactivates split-mode

  • TCI: now supporting “Receiver 1” and “Receiver 2” (via setttings)

  • TCI: cosmetic fix on Tune-Button

The software is 100% free of charge, no trialperiod or whatsoever. TunerReminder runs on Windows 10.
If you like it, a donation will be much appreciated!

Have fun with it!
73 de Ernst

5 thoughts on “TunerReminder by OE3IDE

  1. Hello ( tuner reminer )
    the program is great but it would take a double line to show tuner tuning and amp
    73 F4DNK

  2. Hello Ernst,
    I am using TunerReminder 1.05 with SunSDR2-DX.

    Very nice utility program!

    I have a feature request for TCI. Today the software wil only follow Receiver 1. It would be very nice to have an option in setup to choose between Receiver 1 and Receiver 2.

    73 de LB2EG Richard

  3. Hallo Ernst,
    bin auf 40m über Dein Callsign “gestolpert”, Dein TunerReminder ist großartig, danke dafür !
    vy 73 de Flo OE6BOT

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