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One of my main interests in ham radio is to get the best audio out of the 3khz bandwidth and a having the cleanest tx signal possible.
First of all, many thanks to my friends Andrea (9H1TT) and Peter (HB9UQX), which are supporting me with endless patience 🙂

Since May 2021 I am running an Apache Labs Anan 7000 DLE MKII with the current Thetis (Release 2.8.11).


My solid state amplifier Gemini HF-1K is fitted with a 0-dBm output. So I do not need an extra coupler 🙂
I always transmit with PureSignal activated.

Audio path/chain:

Beyerdynamic DT297 => Behringer PreAmp => DBX 1231 EQ => Aphex 204 => Behringer Composer => PreSonus Studio 24c => PC => Voicemeeter Potato => Thetis


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