remote antenna switch upgrade – RemoteBox EA4TX

I’ve been using Ameritron’s remote antenna switch (RCS-V8) for several years. Unfortunately, this has no PC interface and no interface for banddata.

Recently, I came across the products of Pablo, EA4TX. His RemoteBox replaces the original Ameritron controller, automatically switches the antennas via Banddata and can be operated via software (thus also from remote).
Absolutely fantastic piece of equipment!
Thanks Pablo!


Update June 2021:

I replaced now also the Ameritron switchbox with the 6×1 Switchbox from EA4TX.  Since I am not running the Yaesu FT-2000 (I replaced it 3 weeks ago with an Apache Labs Anan 7000 DLE MKII), I also do not use the band-data input of the control-box. All is controlled now via OmniRig. Works like a charm 🙂


OE3IDE serial communication
OE3IDE serial communication

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