new linear pa – Gemini HF-1k by LinearAmp UK

New player in the shack: LinearAmp Gemini HF-1k

Since 17.9.2019 I have a new amplifier in the shack. It is a LinearAmp Gemini HF-1K (distributed by The DX-Shop UK). Predecessor was an Alpin 200 (2x GU74b)

The following requirements should be met by the new amplifier:
* at least 1kw output power
* clean signal
* quiet, ie. good cooling concept
* solid state (no warm-up time, no manual tuning, …)
* remotely operable
* reasonable price

It took me about 6 weeks to come to my final decision. There are a lot of solid state amplifiers on the market right now. Many of them are only announced and not yet available. Some even have a very good cooling concept (water cooling).
But for some communicating with the manufacturer is a bit cumbersome, others are noisy like vacuum cleaners or are not remotely operable.
Some amplifiers are designed for portable operation and cause a lot of fan noise due to the small case.

Ultimately, only the Gemini HF-1K and the Acom 1200S are left on my list. The conservative construction (2 pieces BLF188 for 1kw output), predistortion output, reasonable price convinced me then.

The communication with The DX-Shop is fantastic and very fast (thanks to Roger, GW4WND). All my questions were answered promptly and completely.
The amplifier arrived at the appointed time (no delays, no long waiting lists), was very well packed and after opening the box I was on air about 15 minutes later.

Thanks also to Simon (G4ELI) for the excellent software!

Here are some facts about the new showpiece in my shack:

Technical Specifications

  • Frequency coverage: 460khz – 54 Mhz
  • Power output: >1 kW at 1dB gain compression (200W+ on 460-479KHz)
  • Power input: 5, 10, 50W customer specified (50W standard)
  • Load VSWR tolerance: <1.5:1 for best performance with  2.5:1 high VSWR trip
  • Input VSWR: better than 1.5:1
  • 11th order IMD distortion: better than -70dB at 1kW
  • 3rd order IMD distortion: better than -30dB at 1kW
  • Harmonic suppression: better than 70dB (all harmonic products)
  • 1kW Output
  • High Spectral Purity
  • Touch Screen Full Colour LCD Display
  • Full Diode Switched QSK
  • Fully automatic Band switching
  • Network and remote capability
  • Multiple antenna outputs
  • 0dBm SMA predistortion output
  • Advanced Cooling
  • DUAL NXP BLF188XR LDMOS with Full Protection
  • 100-260V 50-60Hz power input
  • Weight 19Kg

2 thoughts on “new linear pa – Gemini HF-1k by LinearAmp UK

  1. Tolle PA, gutes Konzept. Danke für deine Beschreibung, ich habe ebenfalls ein Auge auf die Endstufe von Linearamp UK… Gesundes 2020, 73! DJ3ABC

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