HyEndFed 80-10m QRO

For backup and for 80m I use also an endfeded longwire antenna by “HyEndFed”.

Bands: 80m – 10m, power-handling: 800W
Mounting point is ~20m on top of the roof, sloping down (north to south) to ~9m

2 thoughts on “HyEndFed 80-10m QRO

  1. Hi can you tell me how good is the performance of the antenna please?

    I have a limited space garden and like a lot of people trying to get the best I can.

    You signal to me on 14.195 Mhz at 17:00hrs UTC 06/01/2020 was a good 5.7 to me
    in Somerset UK near to the city of Bath
    I would like to know about your other antenna how did you make them or did you buy them?


    1. Hi Reg,
      I use the endfed antenna only for 80m and 160m. For 40-10m it is only my backup-antenna. On 20m I usualy work with my 2el Deltaloop.
      I bought this endfed from HyEndFed (Netherlands). For shortskip (inside EU) the antenna works really good, but for DX the angle of radiation is too high. My endfed is ~40m in length…
      If I had limited space, I guess I would try an multiband-vertical antenna. But the endfed is not complicated to build, maybe worth a try.

      Best 73s

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